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This will be a brief post but I want people to think about this with me.

Do you back squat? If yes, do you reach acceptable depth (think of your ass getting lower than your knees for reference…if your squat depth couldn’t sit you on your toilet, you’re not nearly deep enough)?

And for those who don’t do or do any of these things, have you ever found your lower back to be the limiting factor in your ability to squat?

Well, I have.  I believe that I have hurt myself by not tending to something that is absolutely necessary to staying healthy when squatting and really should not be ignored by anyone interested in their fitness – flexibility.  In terms of the squat, I’m lacking the most in hip flexibility, check out this quote from this article at T-Nation:

Show me a guy who says that squats hurt his knees or tweak his back and I’ll show you a guy with a hip mobility problem.

So why am I posting now?  I’m beginning this journey to fixing this long-neglected part of my fitness and I want to hold myself accountable and get any input from readers if they have experienced this as well.  Hopefully in not too long I’ll be able to begin posting about how well I’m squatting and what I did to fix it.   This post will be updated with a link to that new post when the time comes.