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The following are all from my personal experience, because you know I’d never lead you astray.  I’ll be honest and admit I do not know whether some of these have Android equivalents, as I own only an iPhone.  Please forgive me if I get you excited about an app that your Android doesn’t yet carry.

First of all, I’m one that always wants my phone with me when I’m working out.  I want to listen to something, I want to perhaps even check something fitness-related while I work out.  When I’m doing heavy sets alone, I also have to do something to fill up my rest time.

So first thing’s first, you must get Pandora.

This is a free service that many probably know already, but it acts as a custom radio station(s) based on your music preferences.  You can give it inspiration by telling your favorite artist and then as it chooses songs for you, you can mark songs that you like, dislike, or even like yet are tired of hearing right now.  I’ve had success getting this to run smoothly without Wi-Fi and it is one less thing for me to stress about instead of having to create a playlist for my workout.




Here’s another listening category for gym-goers.  Sometimes I don’t want to fiddle around with music at all.  For me, in long cardio sessions I often will listen to the sports radio station of my hometown, Chicago.  There is in fact an app for that 🙂  Many radio stations have free apps for listening.  You can get so involved in the content of talk radio that it can keep your mind a little bit detached from your current laborious state.




A do-it-all app is the app.

This puts at your fingertips a variety of things.  First of all, you can remotely keep track of your progress much in the same way you can do through their BodySpace feature on your computer.  It all syncs up as long as you sign in.  So you can quickly add in your new one rep maximum, weight, etc. without having to use a computer.  Moreover, at your disposal is a very extensive and easy to use exercise and stretching guide, each categorized by type of movement and body part.  I’ve used this at the gym when I have had to change my workout on the fly and can’t think of the right movement off the top of my head.  If you use’s forums, this is also a gateway to those.





Anabolic Minds is another top notch app when it comes to information.

It has a different feel than’s app and is more forum-oriented.  I actually think forum browsing is easier on this app, but you don’t need it for the forum app.  The “news” feature is very nice and features by and large very good content (well, it doesn’t have me yet and there is still some occasional broscience creeping in).  I really enjoy reading the articles whenever I have time or have time I need to kill.


MyFitnessPal is the king of calorie/macronutrient tracking.

This would also be the main website I’d recommend.  The navigation on the app is fairly simple and intuitive and the best part of this app vs competitors is that you are still able to see not only calories but also all of the other macronutrients on both individual foods and your daily total.  This was always frustrating for me with other apps because as we know calories are not the entire story.  I’ve also found in general that MyFitnessPal (app and website) has far and away the most extensive food catalogue, meaning you should almost always be able to find the food you ate without digging out nutrition facts and creating a “custom food” so often.


MAPMyRun is simply awesome.

This app is a must if you are going to run outside.  I think everyone should have at least the occasional real life run in their routine.  Your goal may be this thing or that thing, but if you’re going to to do all this work on your fitness you ought to be able to run around.  Anyways, this app tracks your run with GPS either on a pre-programmed route or just one that you ad lib as you go.  Based on GPS, it measures your distance and it will also tell you your pace.  Don’t worry, despite these verbal cues every mile it does not interfere with your music playing!  I know there is a “pro” version, but the free version works just fine for my purposes.


That’s all I have for now.  I’ll update as I learn and as always, I’m open to suggestions.  Feel free to tell me about your favorite apps in the comments and I’ll give them a go.