The Final Word on Driven Sports Craze “Scandal” (maybe)

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Workout Journals

You may have seen me dip into the “news” part of dietary supplements in my previous posts about Driven Sports Craze here and here.  I have no plans for this to be a news blog or even a blog that’s just about dietary supplements.   I do feel a responsibility to share when there is a big buzz about something and in that spirit I want to attempt to conclude this story.

First of all, the lawsuit that started this scrutiny is likely going nowhere.  There is no reason to believe that the product contains amphetamines given the amount of people using it and passing drug tests.  At this point there is no reputable person that has made public a story about a failed drug test from Craze.  We can put that rumor to rest.

The story made some industry big wigs interested, however.  Patrick Arnold, who has synthesized some of the world’s most potent steroids as well as bringing ingredients like Geranamine (DMAA) and D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) to the industry, has more or less staked his reputation on his supposed test showing an analog of PEA (more info on this set of stimulants in my stimulants article) to be present in the product that is not listed on the label.   Owner of Thermolife, Ron Kramer, has had on his own forum brought to light a thread of supposed emails between DS and a provider of the PEA derivative.  This is, of course, highly unverifiable evidence and could have easily been fabricated.  Patrick has backed off of the issue and I consider it dead.  There is no choice but to believe the label to be accurate until further notice.

So do I recommend Craze?  Not really.  I don’t find it be a very well rounded product, for one.  There is a striking similarity to the famous Jack3d preworkout in that there is a novel stimulant in a proprietary blend of underdosed ergogenic aids.  You may the mental rush/feeling from this product, but it does not have the ingredients to support any true “physical” benefits.  Moreover, the reactions to this product are all over the place and there are too many people with terrible side effects and others with no effects whatsoever for me to recommend it for purchase.  I wasted my money on it, but was able to trade it for a worthwhile product amongst friends.  If you can get your hands on a sample, by all means give it a shot (or if you don’t care about money, then why not?)

The “spiking” business was an interesting story but at this point it is difficult to foresee any further developments.

  1. TITS says:

    you are a dumbass. craze is amazing. go get herpes.

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