Gaspari Vasotropin Preview

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Supplements
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This new pre-workout from Gaspari Nutrition hasn’t hit shelves yet, but I’m lucky enough to have been sent a bottle from them.  I’ve tested out some other products for them (SuperPump MAX and MyoFusion Probiotic) and as a gift, they sent me this as well.  Gaspari is certainly a generous company.  Since this hasn’t hit shelves yet, I thought I’d give a little tease so folks can see the label, etc.  After a few uses, I’ll post my initial thoughts as well.

This is a non-stimmed pre-workout product.  Therefore, I don’t expect interest to reach fever pitch like their SuperPump products or competitor’s products like Jack3d and Hemo Rage, etc.  However, non-stimmed products can be great for people cycling off stimulants (you’ll find an article from me about this topic soon) or just to safely stack with pre-workouts that do have stimulants.

I’m not terribly familiar with some of the ingredients here, but the nitrates in the beet root alone should be good for pumps and endurance.  I’ve seen pterostilbene in more general health type of products before so I’m interested in what it’s function is here.  The NOSPEP is supposedly the star in this formula, and I’m going to have to do some more research before saying much about that either.  Wouldn’t want to keep you all waiting though 😀

Anyways, look for a review coming soon!




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