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Posted: December 29, 2011 in Miscellaneous

I obviously didn’t just start and if anyone is interested, I’d like to show you where most of my time has been on the web.  As I’ve suggested before, anyone reading this should get an account at’s forums.  My username is D3Baseball (take a guess why that is).  I’m going to share links to some of the logs I’ve already done at, so you can get an idea of where I came from and if you wish you can learn about the products I’ve reviewed.

This one’s my first log and the one in which I really had some success – I certainly did not have it all figured out, but it was a great start and there were some amazing guys in there helping me out.  One thing for sure is that I was taking way too many supplements for a beginner (or really anyone) – nonetheless, had some great results: First cutting log

Here’s my first sponsored log – this means I was sent a product to review while tracking my own progress throughout the duration of my use of the product.  I was still learning here, and got some great feedback on my workout program which led me towards 5/3/1:  Gaspari SuperPump MAX Log

Here’s a log I ran through the end of a cut, and this another sponsored one so it culminates in a review.  Still learning as always, but I will admit this isn’t the most exciting thing to read.  iForce Dexaprine is a nice energy supplement and good on a cut – suppresses appetite and keeps mood/focus up well.  iForce Dexaprine Cutting Log

This log is current as of the time of this initial posting, I’m back on a bulk and logging my use of Controlled Labs Gold Feast, a nice MRP.  Gold Feast Log

If you want to see some of the several product reviews I’ve done, I’ve compiled these links and more at this link.  I do intend to move most if not all of these reviews to this website once I write my supplementation manifesto (don’t want to send mixed messages with product reviews without any kind of guidance about product use).

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